Thursday, January 21, 2010

Holy Moly, Katy Perry!

Like it or not, Katy Perry is interesting. She is the kind of girl one would take the time to study, one celebrity I actually wanted to see as a young child. Expecting to find Katy in some type of Disney stardom program in a cute little dress much more modest than these(love the middle one!):

I did research her younger life, and in return found some interesting research that I was personally...shocked by. Katy Perry, the shockingly open-minded girl that America has welcomed into todays pop culture, was once Katy Hudson.
Read this link... then comment and tell me your first reaction. :)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My first look on!!! (and a how to on red, black and gold this winter!)

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Black and gold came in over the summer, red and black have always been sleek, but this winter try a combination! Red and black can be a gorgeous contrast when done correctly, and just the thing to make your one accessory pop out. Just follow the "ingredients"

• This outfit calls for mostly black, enough to make the red really pop! Black tights, black heels and a black skirt make a nice canvas for your red.

• A bright red can be done, but make sure you don't use too playful of a red. You want to look sleek.

• If the red has a slight pattern (as shown in the picture above) you will get a less serious look, that makes you seem approachable and not too business-like.

• Top it off with some red lipstick and one piece of golf jewelry!