Saturday, October 24, 2009

What is black, white and red? A cheesy joke, and a trend I'm growing very fond of.

 In addition to "Colorblocks are back in! Know how to wear them" I had to give an example of "black and white" colorblocks. Just had to.

    What is...
    • Black tights
    • Short sleeve sweater knit colorblock dress in black and white with a round neckline and relaxed fit
    • Hits about mid-thigh
    • Three buckle waist belt in black
    • Marc by Marc Jacobs black suede ankle-boots/peep-toe sheos
    • Fitted black wrist lace gloves  
    • BRIGHT lipstick 
    You might try a pair of these or a pair of red flats for a twist.
    So many ways to play it up!    Miley Cyrus & Max Azria - Juniors Zippered Shiny Leggings: Juniors

    Thursday, October 22, 2009

    Beautfiul, Ecelectic. Realistic.

    Now I lay me down to sleep.. 
         There once was a princess, beautiful  and free, no home to hold her back, she worked with nature and what she had on her back.

    • Eclectic dress that hits mid-thigh
    • Thick sweater shawl with beautiful and bold fringe
    • Brown boots (relaxed fit)

    Saturday, October 17, 2009

    Color Blocks Are Back In! Know how to wear them.

    This Emanuel Ungaro Ruched Silk Chiffon Skirt is one of many new color block pieces. It's bold... So it's essential you know how to wear it confidently. I've made a playful display with many other trendy objects that I would use to play up this skirt confidently.

    • Cropped gloves add a nice warm touch that says, "I'm tough". However, in most indoor places, gloves are impractical.
    • The other article worn with color blocks should be the dullest color in the color block article, or a dark color that will not clash. With this skirt I chose a tank with frilly raw edge bows. (the frill draws attention from the skirt to the neckline, which is good when wearing such a bold skirt.)
    • Shoes! I chose to pair this outfit with a bold pair of Betsey Johnson platform sandals. Bold shoes give that extra hint of confidence that help you pull of this look, however, if you are not feeling quite that crazy, a simple pair of black rounded toe heels will do. 
    • Accessories: A scent! I chose one of my favorite scent, you choose yours! And a purse. I chose a basic black Chanel bag simply for the heavy gold looking chain. 
    Have fun! Make it personal.

    Fall trends.

    Firetruck red nails(short)and lips(full).
    A tough exterior.
    A gentle touch.
    Angus & Julia Stone.
    Black tights.
    Bold stilettos.
    Stunning hair accessories.
    Custom clothing adjustments.
    Boyfriend wear.
    Skinny belts.
    anime eyes.